South Park S5E4: Super Best Friends

South Park第五季第四集的一個對話片段,很有意思,所以截了上來:

Jesus: Alright, Stanley. You can open your eyes now. [before them is a stone-and-glass building] This is the hall of the super best friends, Stanley, the headquarters for those who stand for what's right.


Mohammed: Jesus, we've been working hard since we got your distress call!


Loa Tse: Who the kid?


Jesus: Stanley, I want you to meet some of the super best friends [they are shown when mentioned]: Buddha, with the powers of invisibility; Mohammed, the Muslim prophet with the powers of flame [he raises his hands palm up and a blast of flame emerges from each hand]; Krishna, the Hindu deity; Jospeh Smith, the Mormom prophet; Lao Tse, the found of Taoism [performs some martial arts moves with his cane]; and Sea-Man, with the ability to breathe underwater and link mentally with fish.


Stan: So you mean to tell me that even though people fight and argue over different religions, you guys are all actually friends?


Mohammed: More than friends, young boy, we are super best friends, with the desire to fight for justice.


Joseph Smith: We all believe in the power of good over evil. Except for Buddha, of course, who doesn't believe in evil. [Buddha shrugs and grins]


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